Review; Lush Toothy Tabs !


‘Nibble one tab to form a toothpaste and then use a wet toothbrush to clean as normal’

This was very much an impulse buy for me. I went into Lush to get a bath bomb (as you do) then saw these on the shelf and couldn’t help but wonder how they worked!

A lovely staff member saw me looking confused and came over to help – she explained that these were essentially solid toothpaste! You give it a nibble and liquid activates it to form a paste and foam in your mouth while brushing. To be honest,  I was still unconvinced until another customer who overheard us chimed in with a glowing recommendation, saying she’s had no issue with sensitivity since using these, and is now completely converted. At this point I was sold!

I’ve been using these for about 2 weeks now, and I can only describe them as .. interesting. 

I chose the Miles of Smiles because I still wanted that minty sensation in my mouth after brushing. Made with essential oils and spices, it’s definitely a fun way to clean your teeth, and I do like the way it foams in your mouth, it’s amazing how much foam you get from the tiny tabs! I don’t have any little ones, but I’m sure that kids who are confident brushing would enjoy this too.

It does take some getting used to, so for the moment I am using them alongside my usual toothpaste. It’s not as minty as I’d hoped, so I don’t think I’ll ever fully convert. That being said, it’s perfect for travelling (where you don’t have a check in bag and liquids are limited) and of course, all ingredients are natural.

There are other flavours too, & they also have mouthwash tabs that work in a similar way, so if you’re looking to add something different to your (twice) daily teeth cleaning routine, it’s definitely worth a try !

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